Mohandas Karamchand gandhi

Character of so called 'Mahatma'

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is known and seen as an Indian lawyer, an anti-colonial nationalist and a political ethicist who became the leader of nonviolent nationalist resistance to lead the successful campaign for India's independence from British rule, and to later inspire movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.  He has been enthusiastically and systematically established in the minds of the people of India as the 'father of the nation'. He is referred to as 'Mahatma' in all discourse around the world, a word that literally means 'a great soul'.

However, among many contentious aspects of his life, one that has attracted much criticism is the revelation of his experiments with 'Brahmacharya' (celibacy) that included bathing ansd sleeping with naked girls and women have drawn attention in recent years that put a question mark on his image of 'Mahatma' or even 'Baapu' as many continue to call him. 

In the same context, his experiments go to the extent of establishing sexual relationships and experiments with men and extra-marital relationships with many women and even wives of some of his close people and our goal with this website is to research and publish all that information for our readers with proof and authentic references.
There are other claims about his life such as 'he never lied', 'he was non-violent', 'he was a true patriot' and 'he had a deep understanding of Hindu literature' among many others. We believe all of that is a propaganda and our goal is to verify and validate all of those claims and present the proof when we bust them one by one as a mythology promoted based on false propaganda.

In the picture
Gandhi with Manuben (right) and Abha (left)
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Manuben was just around 16-17 years old when Gandhi was sleeping naken with her on the name of his 'Brhamacharya experiments'. Abha was another of his subjects in this experiments among many others.

top controversies surrounding gandhi

At one side, Gandhi has been systematically promoted as the 'Baapu', the 'Father of the Nation' for over 75 years. On the other side,  the shocking and shameful acts of his experiments with truth, his Muslim appeasement and anti-national activities keep getting unearthed. These new revelations about Gandhi's character has shocked and disgusted people around the world. It's time that world evaluates Gandhi's history and decide if he was a 'Mahatma' that he was made via propaganda... 

Gandhi's experiments with women and young girls

This is an area of most glaring controversies from 'Mahatma' Gandhi's life that highlights his experments of sleeping and bathing naked with variouus women. 

Gandhi's muslim appeasement Policies

These are the controversial stands taken by Gandhi on varous Hindu-Muslim confrontations where he unjustly sided with the Muslim side again and again.

gandhi, The TRUTHFUL MAHATMA or a cunning liar?

While Gandhi is projected as the truthful person who never lied, there are plenty of examples where he deliberately lied.

gandhi's anti-national activities

During his lifetime, Gandhi has been found guilty of collaborating with anti-national elements and even inviting Afgan's Amir to invade India to establish Mulim-Raj.

gandhi's acts of dictatorship suppressing people's mandate

These are the incidents where Gandhi refused to accept people's mandate and forced himself through blackmailing.

gandhi's knowledge of hindu dharma and his non-violence

These are the discussions on Gandhi's little knowledge of Hindu civilization and Shashtra though he is projected as very knowledgeable person.

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