‘Mahatma’ Gandhi Imposed ‘We are Indian First’ Theory, on Hindus While Covertly Favored Muslims

Our politicians continue to preach, ‘We are Indian first,’ and religion is always below the nation. But did you know that this concept was first preached by the ‘Mahatma’ himself while he showed his exclusive preference for Mahomedans at the same time?

You can find the reference of this act of Gandhi on page number 354 of the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi literature’s volume 7, in which Gandhiji writes a letter to Gopal Krishna Gokhale from Johannesburg on 22nd November 1907.

The content of that letter is this:



So, Gandhi’s intent through this letter is to open Mr. Gokhale (whom Gandhi claimed to have great respect for), to give special attention to the Mahomedans he was going to send from South Africa. But, you can’t fail to notice that he starts the letter by introducing the ‘nation first’ slogan in his cunning attempt to force Gokhale (a Hindu) to open up for Mahomdens. Then Gandhi goes on to explain how he is excited to have a delegate of Muslims from South African connections attending the Congress. But Gandhi avoids any mention of Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, or untouchables in his delegates as if they don’t matter.

This shows that right from Gandhi’s time, it continues till today when a politician or a public figure says that ‘nation comes first,’ they don’t mean that for Muslims, Christians, or any other religion. It is a Jumla or a slogan invented by Gandhi, meant only for Hindus, to introduce a feeling of guilt in them for being Hindu.

‘Mahatma’ Gandhi Covertly Supported Religious Conversions of Hindus

The ‘Mahatma’ wrote a letter to Foss Westcott, an English bishop, missionary assuring him that religious conversions of Hindus to Christianity would continue unimpeded. Here is the content of that letter:



Note the word “Let’s hope” in the last paragraph, which clearly indicates that he is on the side of Foss Westcott. If Gandhi was a Hindu (we can only hope he was not a Crypto Christian or a Crypto Muslim for lack of evidence), why would he think it was none of his business to stop conversions of Hindus to other faith? It’s for the reader to think about it and decide if the ‘Mahatma’ they have been fed through school textbooks (who sang ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram…’ in prayer sessions) and government propaganda. Is it the same ‘Mahatma’ who wrote this letter?

Chatur Baniya, Gandhi Declared his Subscription to Christianity and Islam in Hindu Prayer Session

Attending a prayer meeting on 5th March 1947, Gandhi proclaimed:

I consider myself a follower of Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and every other religion because I am a true Hindu. All religions are equal, and they are founded on the same faith… I consider myself a representative of all the true religions.”

It was a long speech. But these lines should raise eyebrows for anyone who understands even the fundamental differences between Hinduism and all other religions that Gandhi named in those lines. A few fundamental differences:

  1. Only in the Hindu religion is there a concept of ‘Sarv Dharma Sambhav.’ All other Abrahamic religions clearly define that only those who believe in their ‘one true God’ are pious. Everyone else is a ‘nonbeliever,’ a ‘Kafir suitable to be killed,’ or a ‘creature with no soul.’
  2. All other religions want to convert others into their fold like recruitment agents to please their ‘one true God.’ In contrast, the Hindu religion emphasizes that one’s Dharma is their personal choice and it’s their relationship with one’s God. Hinduism teaches a journey of self-discovery, not imposing others to be part of a cult.

Relative comparison of religions is not a topic of this post. But with all that exposure to all these religions, how did Gandhi not realize the primary difference among these religious concepts? How did he not see any difference between Rama and Rahim? How could he not get the basic idea that Ishwar and Allah are not equal and that Quran actually authorizes to kill the nonbelievers and burn their houses?

It appears that Gandhi was more of an astute politician than a ‘Mahatma,’ and he did not have the slightest of Dharmic knowledge, especially about the Hindu religion. Therefore, Gandhi constantly subverted Hindus and undermined their fundamental rights. He praised Muslim oppressors and called Hindu warrior kings like Shivaji Maharaj and Guru Govind Singh misguided patriots.

To understand Gandhi, one just needs to study the ‘Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi’ literature of 98 volumes, and it exposes his hypocrisy and selfishness. You don’t need to look at too many places. The Gandhi you want to understand exposes his true identity through his collected works literature. Every Indian, especially Hindus, should spend time on Gandhi, expose his hypocrisy (at least to your family and younger generation) and help dismantle this imposed ‘Mahatma’ on Indian consciousness. Until this ‘Mahatmahood’ is not dismantled, the nation cannot stand united, and it cannot prosper.

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