Mahatma Gandhi – The Perverted Character Who Became Father of the Nation

With his illogical yet forceful arguments, he forced the Congress Working Committee (CWC) to pass the resolution to divide India into two nations, India and Pakistan. That also means that Gandhi is responsible for the loss of life, property, and dignity of millions who lost their lives, whose women were raped and killed, whose children were killed, displaced, and sold in auctions in post-partition violence.

Mahatma Gandhi forced the Congress to accept India’s partition taking a U-turn from his own claim just a few years earlier that partition will only happen over his dead body. Not only that, amid the riots that erupted post-partition, when Pakistan attacked Kashmir, Gandhi forced the newly formed government of India to immediately release Rs. 55 Crore (550 million) in 1948 to Pakistan having known that Pakistan would use that money to buy arms and weaponry to use against India. He used using his favorite tool of blackmailing called ‘fasting to death’ to force Nehru and Patel to surrender to his will. This is only just an example of how he was running the government and deciding on its policies without actually being part of the government.

Interestingly, when he was doing his ‘fasting protest’ to give money to Pakistan, people were shouting all over Delhi and in front of his ‘Ashram’ saying, “Gandhi Ko Mar Jaane Do!” (Let Gandhi die).

Eventually, Nathuram Godse punished Gandhi for his crime against the nation and then the Nehru government in the center decided to capitalize on the sympathy of people in the wake of Gandhi’s assassination. Nehru cleverly got all the documents from trials in courtrooms, speeches and witness reports, etc. classified to keep them sealed so that the public wouldn’t know why Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi and what did he say in the court in his defense. Nehru and the Congress used this to rally the people of India behind them by vilifying Hindu Mahasabha, RSS, and accusing them of plotting the murder of the Mahatma even after courts had found no such plots from those organizations. Nehru was successful and the Congress party had secured a massive majority in the next elections.

Joseph Lelyveld wrote in his famous book, “The Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India”, published in 2011 about the relationship between Hermann Kallenbach of South Africa and Gandhi claims that the founder of modern India had a sexual relationship with Hermann Kallenbach, a bodybuilder during Gandhi’s stay in South Africa.

As per the book, Gandhi wrote a letter to Kallenbach in 1909 from London:

Your portrait (the only one) stands on my mantelpiece in the bedroom. The mantelpiece is opposite to the bed. The purpose of which is to show to you and me how completely you have taken possession of my body. This is slavery with a vengeance.

Later, the Indian government bought several letters and probably they destroyed them. But these letters are still available on the internet for anyone to see and research.

‘Mahatma’ Gandhi used to call Kallenbagh ‘Lower House” while he called himself “Upper House”. Apparently, Gandhi (the upper house) and Kallenbach (the lower house) sign an agreement dated July 29, 1911, on the eve of a trip that Lower House is about to make to Europe. Upper House makes Lower House promise “not to contract any marriage tie during his absence” nor “look lustfully upon any woman.” Such a relationship between two men such discussions in their private life can be interpreted in many ways. But if you want to read more about this relationship, here is the link:

You Remain Dearest to Me

Gandhi was born in 1969. That means he was 40 years old when he had this kind of intimate relationship with men such as Kallenbach. Compare that to Vinayak Damodar Savarkar who was born in 1883 and who was already a threat to the British Empire right there in the same London from where Gandhi was sending love letters to his male friends in 1909.

The country was in tatters, young brave hearts like Madan Lal Dingra, Veer Savarkar, Subhas Bose were sacrificing everything they had for their motherland and a perverted Gandhi took credit for everybody’s work and went on to become ‘father of the Nation’ with the help of British and their propaganda machinery. Young people of India need to know how they and their parents have been cheated systemically by feeding wrong information.

The Indian people need to turn to history, learn about people like Gandhi and his friends and find out the atrocities people like Gandhi have committed against their motherland. Only with the true knowledge of our history can we move forward as a strong nation. India needs to recognize if Gandhi deserves to be called ‘Mahatma’. India needs to decide if Gandhi deserves to be called ‘Baapu’. India needs to decide if Gandhi’s statues pollute our streets.

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