Mahatma and Manuben: Brahmacharya Prayog from Manuben’s Diary


Mridula Gandhi, popularly known as Manuben is a well-known face of Indian history, who remained with ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi like a shadow in the last two years of his life. Yet this face remains an enigma to the people. In 1946, at the age of just 17, this woman became the Mahatma’s personal assistant and remained with him continuously till he was assassinated. She was his brother’s grand daughter. Manuben, died at the age of 40 while remaining unmarried in Delhi.

In this video (below), Mr. Sandeep Deo, founder of Kapot Media Group and a popular Youtube channel, India Speaks Daily, walks us through the diary of Manuben and analyses it’s content and concludes why ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi doesn’t deserve to be called a Mahatma. He shares in this video, the dark aspects of Gandhi’s character and what kind of impact his Brahmacharya Prayog had on his subjects such as Manuben herself.

The video is in Hindi. Therefore, if you understand Hindi, this will be a very enlightening talk for you.

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