Duratma Gandhi was a Monster, not a Mahatma – Abhijit Chavda


The personal life of Gandhi should not be treated at the same level as an average person because he was not a normal person. Gandhi was ‘Baapu,’ Gandhi was ‘Father of the nation,’ and Gandhi was a ‘Mahatma’ as shoved down the throats of all Indian people for at least 80 years or more.

Not only that, the ‘Mahatma’ is now being propagated and promoted as a Prophet, which he always dreamt of becoming someday. Nowadays, the ‘Kathavachaks’ in India, the likes of Morari Baapu, have begun projecting Gandhi as an Avatar of the category of Krishna and Rama. Therefore, in this age, we must look at Gandhi’s personal life just as we look into the lives of Rama and Krishna to see if Gandhi qualifies as a ‘Mahatma.’ Ji Is there anything Mahatama like in Gandhi’s character?

In this video at @Citti Media channel, Mr. Abhijit Chavda refuses to accept Gandhi as a ‘Mahatma’ and explains why. Watch the video and decide for yourself if you agree with him.

If you agree, please share the video with friends and family and help us educate India about the true character of Gandhi and the cult of ‘Gandhiwaa.’. Please also share your thoughts on Gandhi through your comments.

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